Berrigan I

His hooded beard. A bright white jaw
Illuminated by the night bus
He marks the turned page like an ungraceful animal
Aggravated by the stillness of the underground
Blood is still blood: even in the stillness of still
Our codes our wires our hands our distance
Turned inside the photos like mirrors
On the bare floor of your apartment
We are documenting nothing
The substance of space for space
Certain in the accidents
And meaningless outside
We are anchored in the white of the sky
Shielded from our warmth by the wind

Whose picture is on the front of this book?

Ted Berrigan’s.

So how did you write these translations of his sonnets?

I just went through his collection of sonnets, poem by poem, and rewrote them for myself. Sometimes I cut up what I wrote and made collages.

What are they about?

They’re about trying to figure out how to be a person, living in a very specific time and space and body.

The Translations is a chapbook of poems by Andrea Kneeland, with illustrations by John Dermot Woods.

Andrea Kneeland‘s work has appeared in more than 50 journals and anthologies. Her short story collection, How to Pose for Hustler, is available from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Color laser printing
36 pages
8.5 x 11″ stapled

Illustrations by John Dermot Woods

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Sample images from the book, illustrated by John Dermot Woods.

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